Crock Pot-Friendly Chai Tea Latte

I love all of the coffee giants out there just as badly as anyone else.  I love it badly because coffee is an essential food group in my life.  I cannot live without it!  Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts (the only coffee giants I know) would probably take money from my clutch on a weekly basis if there were any in this town.  It’s probably a good thing with the distance from the nearest of either.  Ever notice how you feel relief mixed with guilt when you get your drink and hand your money or card over to the cashier?  At Starbucks it’s nearly $4 for my new love, a grande chai tea latte!  I shake my head in disbelief every single time.  I can buy a whole box of tea, or close enough, using that $4 to make a chai tea latte at home.
A little back story to my obsession with chai tea lattes…
My mom introduced me to chai tea latte this year, during the month or so that she stayed with me back in the spring.  She learned how to make it from the two doctors she babysat for.  Never have I shown any interest to learn how to make this latte, let along drink it before this.  But I went with it because it’s my mom.  She said it would taste “so good” and she hasn’t been wrong yet!

It was “so good” I had to learn how to make it myself.  The pan method she taught me seemed more tedious.  Or I could be biased.  I made it better, using a crock pot!  (<——-huge crock pot fan)  I texted my mom last week to tell her that I made the most delicious batch.  To test it out, I went to Starbucks and got a chai tea latte on Saturday.  (Okay, it was unintentional but Big D and I desperately needed coffee in that moment)  Guess what!  Mine was better if not the same.

Let me first tell you how I got the idea to make this using a crock pot.  Pinterest.  Need I say more?  I will since this is my own concoction (I promise!) and I got the idea from a recipe on Pumpkin Spiced Lattes in the crock pot.  I am so frustrated that I can’t find the original pin, because it was from another blog that I wanted to follow.  But the gist of it is:
1) The recipe
2) 5 or 6 friends who write for the blog test out the recipe
3) Then the 5 or 6 friends write out pros and cons for the recipe
Isn’t that awesome?  I thought so, and that is why wanted to follow them.  Grrrr!  I hate when I don’t pin something and I end up needing it later.

I didn’t want to make the PSL because I read the cons.  Plus I am more of a chai tea latte kind of person, if it’s not brewed coffee that I’m after.  I took my mom’s recipe that she taught me and tried to measure out what I thought would work out well for the crock pot.  Plus, my mom doesn’t measure the conventional way.  Anyone who knows my mom knows what I mean.  “Fill up water to your first finger crease…”  What?!?  I can understand “just eyeball it” but you can’t give me a specific measurement like this. I was forever messing it up in the pan.  Below is what I came up with for a legitimate version. 

Chai Tea Latte :

2 cups whole milk
5 cardamom, split open
2 cinnamon sticks
2 bags of tea (I chose Sleepytime Vanilla)
1 tbsp sugar (can substitute with agave)


All of the ingredients minus the milk and the crock pot.


Close-up of the kind of tea I used.
IMG_7959Cardamom!  Smells so good too.

Combine ingredients in a small crock pot for two hours.  No need to stir.  Drink while it’s hot!  You can probably increase this recipe for a bigger crock pot, I’m sure.  This is good enough to pour out 2 – 2 1/2 grande-sized portions.  You can even use caffeinated tea if you prefer.  I was drinking it before bedtime with Little M so having the Sleepytime Vanilla on hand was perfect.

And enjoy!

(P.S. If you come across the blog that I am talking about, please let me know!  I’d love to find them again.) 


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