SunButter: Who Knew?!

Do you like peanut butter?  I love LOVE LOVE peanut butter.  I could eat it every day, no hesitation.  I also like almond butter, hazelnut butter, and…I know there’s a third.  Does Biscoff count?  I kid.  That too is quite delicious.

Before I go off to make myself a PB&J, I have to make a serious nut butter announcement.  Ever hear of sunbutter?  You read that right.  Except it has little to do with the burning pie in the sky.  It has everything to do with…

Sunflower seeds!
I was visiting this new blog that I have added to my reading collection and I was super stoked to discover sunbutter.  Maybe I am the first person to ever stumble across this, or I could be one of the very last.  It happens.  What she did was take sunflower seeds and process them, making a simple, delicious spread.  I have not tried this but I will take her word for it until I can find the time. 

Check out her blog.  She is dedicated to getting back to the basics; healthy and chemical free!  

Sunbutter from blog “Let’s Get Back To Basics”

I’m certainly looking forward to trying sunbutter.  I am so excited.  Who knew?!?  No really, WHO KNEW!?


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