Fall Has Arrived!

Football…candles…skinny jeans…boots…these are some of my favorite things…
Ahhh Fall, you have arrived and it’s been like a breath of cool fresh air in the morning.  You know how I know that it’s fall?   Facebook, of course!  Ha-ha…My friends post about everything fall-related under the autumn sun.    If it isn’t on Facebook, it probably isn’t important anyway 🙂  It’s interesting to see what is of importance to them in the fall.  Fantasy Football teams?  Sweaters?  Cool weather?  Food?  Oh food is a good one.  I love food.  We need it to survive.  You know what else I need to survive?  Coffee. 

Yup, it’s back!  The most coveted beverage that Starbucks has to offer this season: the Pumpkin Spiced Latte.  (How do I know?  Facebook!)  To some people, fall begins with the PSL.  (Isn’t it funny how it has it’s own acronym?)  I don’t quite recall when they brought the PSL back for the season, but who cares.  People can’t start fall without a “venti-size PSL please!!!”  I on the other hand am more of a vanilla chai or plain chai latte kind of girl.  And that’s all year round, baby!

 Dunkin Donuts also has a pumpkin spiced beverage.  I don’t hear too many people obsessing over DD though.  I personally don’t go there often though.  Last time I did, I had the most amazing chai latte ever from there. 

See?  I’m a chai latte at heart kind of girl.

Could football possibly equate to fall?  I just love Charlie Brown and his attempt to kick the football when every time we know that Lucy will pull it away.  But there was that one episode, where she didn’t pull away and he kicked her hand.  Really!  This house is a football house, that’s for sure.  We scream and cheer for Alabama, the Texans, and U. of Michigan (that’s all me).  I am all about college football.  Not particularly a fan of NFL, but I’m happy to watch.  I always have a need to brush up on the rules of the game come August.  I seriously think it is because I only have enough space in my brain for one seasonal activity at a time.  Once football season is over, it’s like a information dump happens and the hard drive is scrubbed.  Tell me I’m not the only one!  I don’t wholly equate football to fall.  It lasts into winter too, whereas the PSL does not.  PSL wins here!

You know what I absolutely look forward to in the fall?  IMG_7920You’ll never guess.  Little Debbie’s snacks.    YES.  I look forward to one in particular.  They make these pumpkin smiley faces that tastes so darn delicious.  I will waste a cheat day on these, that’s how much room they have in my heart.  I remember we always had Little Debbies snacks for our lunches as a little girl.  It was ridiculous how much we loved them.  But every fall when these delicious faces were finding their places on the shelves of grocery stores, I’d practically beg for my mom to buy them.  I also remember a period of time when I was stationed up in Kodiak, Alaska, craving these delectable delights.  The stores did not carry them.    It nothing short of a serious heart break.  It made me doubly homesick.  So of course I settled that with a quick call to my mom and a box delivery a few short weeks later.  Moms always come through. 🙂

Today, I continue to look forward to seeing those pumpkin faces smiling back at me every fall.  It’s like seeing an old friend again, minus the small talk that would normally ensue.  That would just be strange…  I have already bought 4 boxes since they came out.  Yes, yes, 4.  They probably won’t be my last.  It’s easy when I now have three little ones who can share in the joy with me, and help me avoid looking like a complete junk foodie.  Like I said, cheat day is a wonderful day with these at close hand.  It would be a crime of gluttony if I threw care to the wind and sat in a room with a box to myself.  

Whether it’s fantasy football, packing away your shorts, drinking a PSL, or lighting that favorite candle, I hope you find comfort in a few of your favorite things this season.  Grab on and hold tight!  The rest of the year is going to fly by. 

Thank you Starbucks, football, and Little Debbie, for helping us kick off the season right! 🙂 


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