The Melting Pot GROUPON Deal

There is this thing that happens to me whenever I look at my phone and see a large number encircled in red in the corner of an App icon.  I feel a sense of responsibility.  That number won’t go away unless I open up the app and look at it, which in turn I get sucked into shopping or checking out deals.  Hence the reason that number tends to rise and rise.  I can’t shop anymore!!!

The good fight was fought, and it was fought long and hard.  My GROUPON App was upwards of 300 deal alerts.  I couldn’t help myself.  Sucker.  While swiping through local deals on GROUPON, I happened upon this awesome deal at The Melting Pot.  If you’re a cheese-dipping chocolate lover you MUST check out this deal.  It’s a localized deal down in Wilmington, NC, unfortunately.  But those in the area are sure to enjoy!

Melting Pot GROUPON


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