A Day Of Rest

Oh sweet relief! My body needs it. It’s only Wednesday, I know. I must be doing something right with these short but somewhat intense workouts because my entire body is sore. That, and I have been fighting off what I think is a cold. This morning I noticed that my throat is a lot more sore. All I can think is “please don’t let it become strep throat!” 

I have some blog posts to edit. And today I believe is library day for the Little Ones too. I am homeschooling them (pre-k) and I decided to make a trip to the library once a week. They love the library. If I could just get them to adjust to the climate of the library, I’d be more comfortable taking them there. 😉 Toddler steps…

I’m sure there’s other things I can get done. But the peace and quiet of the early morning is what I really enjoy. That hour or so before the Little Ones wake up, when its just Little M and me…I consider it my time to mentally note my to-do list. I need those moments to wake up and meditate a little too, before they come hurdling down the stairs. If I am awake and functioning (with or without coffee but preferably with) then the day is going to go really well. 

I’m very grateful for this break today. 

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