How She Does It: Oven S’mores

I’m right in line with all of the other people who love a good s’more made over a campfire.  There is something about the process of “firing” it that makes it taste so good.  The melting Hershey’s chocolate combined with the hard outer shell and gooey insides of the marshmallow all sandwiched between two thick crisp graham crackers is symbolic of summer; good ole family tradition.  I’m actually in shock when I find out someone has never had a s’more.  For example, my best friend had her first one two summers ago, with my girls and I.  We made it a point to go into her backyard, crazed blood-thirsty mosquitoes and all, and light a fire just so she could experience one for her first time.  I’m still giggling over the memory, because I recall staring at her as she bit into hers, expecting to see fireworks above her head as she comes to an epiphany with that first bite: she had been missing out all these years.

Another friend of mine has this obsession with marshmallows themselves.  I giggled a little over that too.  I don’t personally like to eat them when they are pillow soft out of the bag. But she has them readily available in her pantry to snack on them.  This story brings me to the point of this post.  When I went to visit her, I brought all of the necessary ingredients for a sticky-sweet dessert for her, the kids and myself.  She had told me the story about the failed attempt at a fire pit while I was making the 3 hour trek to her house at the beach.  I laughed, she sighed and shook her head (I refuse to admit that she was doing this in the direction of her husband) and when we got off of the phone I considered other methods of making s’mores.
It must have been the salty ocean air that got into my brain because I was hell bent on having s’mores for dessert that night. I suggested using her oven, thinking it would be almost the same as a smoky campfire (right…) We ended up not making any that night because A) I was tired from the beach and B) the kids were just as content with root beer floats.

We got home from our little excursion to the Outer Banks and guess what I decided to do?  Use the oven to make s’mores!  I have been meaning to send a picture to my dear friend and say “Hey, look!  You can use your oven, no need to rush the husband on making that fire pit”  (Whoops!)  

The s’mores came out delicious.  First time was the trial run of course.  But the second time it was perfect.  Here is what I did:
Use broil option on low.  Place graham crackers on a cookie sheet lined with aluminum foil.  Put one marshmallow on each graham cracker.  Put the cookie sheet in the oven and WATCH IT CAREFULLY.  It happens pretty fast depending on your oven.  (I have burnt so many foods using broil and toast, it’s not even funny anymore.) What you are looking for is a light browning on top.  I had to keep opening the oven door to take a peek (given my record) and also by touching the marshmallows.  They get crispy and you can’t even tell by looking.

Once they are perfectly the way you like them (again, it does not take long) pull out the cookie sheet.  Place your Hershey’s chocolate pieces over the marshmallows and top with another graham cracker.  Voila!  Eat it as if you just pulled it off of your campfire stick, because it will be just as delicious.

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8 thoughts on “How She Does It: Oven S’mores

  1. We've done this a few times! I guess this happens when we get so desperate for s'mores and just don't want to bother with building a fire. Thanks for sharing.


  2. You're right! It's fun at a camp fire for sure. I love having a fire, sitting around it, and enjoying a true s'more. With little kids, that is hardly possible. They want to touch and poke and pry and “help” with the fire. Nobody's interested in the s'more! Haha!

    Thanks for stopping by!


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