Blue Moon and Harleys

What a day.  I’m sitting in the living room with a documentary on while Little L is asleep next to me.  (He’s a big sleeper today)  Earlier this morning and afternoon, it was a completely different and utterly stressful story. 

Our A/C unit is out on the first floor.  (We have two units outside; one for each floor)  It’s about 81 degrees in this house.  Bearable only if you are at rest, moving just enough to exhale/inhale.  In other words, when we are sleeping it shall get better.  I’m probably being more dramatic than necessary.  It always seems like a crisis when you’re dealing with something uncomfortable or you can’t fix it yourself, doesn’t it?

As if trying to put a band-aid on the situation, my loving husband has made the best purchase he could make to brighten my spirits: a 6-pack of Blue Moon and 3 kettle bells to add to our home gym.  Funny purchase, but that is seriously how we do business. 

[I was just served a Blue Moon in a freshly chilled glass and it is         dee-licious!] 

You ask what documentary is on the TV?  Oh, just an informational documentary on Harleys.  I’m totally nerding it out right now with my Blue Moon and a Harley documentary.  Big D and I have talked in great lengths today about making some self-serving purchases: MOTORCYCLES!  A couple years ago, we seriously thought about buying two, and that plan was squashed like a bug on a wind shield.  We discovered that I was pregnant with our third, and obviously that wasn’t the best time to learn how to ride. (For me, and by proxy, for him.  See how that works?)  Yes, we are back to this discussion again.  Yes, we are excited.  YES YES YES!  Motorcycles are symbolic of being young and free and adventurous.  Being on the open road, on your way to anywhere you want to go.  Untethered.  Independent.  I think that Big D and I deserve a little bit of time to be untethered.  To feel adventurous and free again.  That would certainly be nice.

Other than searching the web for motorcycles, I have been doing a whole lot of nothing.  The other crisis we faced this morning was a toilet that had clogged.  We think one of the girls may have put some baby wipes in the toilet.  (Noooo!)  So as I type, we have plumbers at the house (This late, but I’m certainly okay with it.)  *sigh*  I’m really hoping this does not cost us too much of our Harley savings to fix.  Hee hee!  (Boy, beer really lightens the mood.)  Things happen.  And with kids, things happen A LOT. 

Uh-oh, my typing has awakened the Big L.  Time to tether back up and do what I do best.  🙂



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