End of Summer

I saw my oldest little girl off to the school bus this morning.  (She’s in the 5th grade now! Took First Day pictures and everything)  I was thinking to myself this morning “This marks the end of our summer as we know it.”  No more gallivanting where and when we want. ( <—Only my best friend might appreciate my state of mourning here.) No more late weeknights, even for me.  I’ve gotta get this family back on track.  Planning and organizing are in store for me this week. 

Creative 25 Hours A Day

Summer may be out of our grasps for good this year, though I wholly welcome the cooler weather. I can see us playing at the park more, now that the heat may be dying down.  It’s only August, nearly September, but I feel like it’s a good possibility that we will be cooling off for fall sooner rather than later. I opened the door this morning and shivered a bit.  The air was cool and crisp, taking a bite out of my exposed limbs.  Even Little M asked for a jacket.  It’s really a good thing though, because Little A can hardly stand the heat and humidity with her skin condition.  And I am longing for jeans and a hoodie.  I’ve never spent so much of my summer covered up like I have been this year.  Not even ONE swim was taken.  Shocker, considering that summer is my favorite season of all. 



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