Home Gym

We’re in business for doing CrossFit at home.  Our gym equipment was delivered this past Tuesday, and Big D put it in the garage and organized it.  We bought Rogue weights, a bar, and a squat stand. The garage is an official gym!  With the mats we bought at Lowe’s, it even smells like one. 🙂  Of course we have several more pieces that we will be adding to it like kettle bells and a bench.  Maybe more weights.  We realized that this was quite a purchase, but it’s an investment in our health!

I finally was able to work out with the new equipment today.  (I had a… motherly illness, to say the least, and it kept me away from any gym activity the past couple of days.)  It’s been over a year since I did a power clean so I was feeling out of my element this afternoon.  Thankfully Big D was out there showing me proper techniques.  Now I’m feeling good about it!  Normally, you would start off by learning technique with a broom stick.  Do you know how hard it is to start training with a broom stick?  For me anyway, because there’s no weight to it!  I had no idea if my form was good.  I couldn’t feel weight to know if I was throwing the weight or if I was lifting it with my arms.  Difficult, I say.  So I just went right to the bar with no weights on, which the bar alone is 45 pounds.  I’m sure I will feel it in my legs and arms tomorrow.  My wrists are hurting a bit now.

Tomorrow we will be packing up for a week of family fun in Tennessee.  I’m actually sad to know that we won’t be working out like this for a week.  But a family vacation is a good enough excuse though, don’t you think?  🙂

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