Day 1 of Crossfit

I completed my Workout of the Day (WOD) and I am feeling alright.  A little pooped, even if I took a step backwards on the level of difficulty.   It’s going to be a learning experience, doing it this way when I’m by myself.  Here’s what I did today:

20 Lunges
20 crossover sit-ups
10 push-ups
20 air squats
1 min plank
15 high jumps
All at 3 rounds

I want to ease back into it.  I remember working out with Big D last Sunday, and I felt exhausted.  Not to mention I ended up with an unrelated illness later on that day (which I’m still healing from).  Big D isn’t here today, and I still have children to take care of so I couldn’t completely smoke myself for this morning’s WOD.  

One thing I learned today is that creating personal WODs is harder than it looks.  For me, I found that the 1 minute plank was probably not the best thing to add into the WOD.  My heart rate was up, it was going well, and then I “rest” in a still plank position for a minute.  I’m going to replace the plank for this WOD with something else for next time.  I think it’s vital to keep moving, keep your heart rate up.  Plank, you’ll be saved for abs day, sorry.

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