Can You Crossfit?

Okay, here is the deal:  Baby boy is now over 2 months old and Momma needs to shed the extra weight she’s still carrying around.  There’s plenty of options right?  I could do yoga with Denise Austin, workouts targeting specific body parts with the Envy Girls (don’t even ask), go to Gold’s Gym and find what works…

Or…I could do crossfit. 

It’s the newest workout craze. Crossfit is like this underground club that is catching on at warp speed.  Just listening to people talk about it, they get so animated that it’s infectious.  It’s actually pretty awesome.  (See?  I caught the crossfit bug)  People have fun getting fit, they’re pumped during and after each workout, and from what I hear, one can start to see the results (both strength-wise and muscle tone) within a couple of weeks. 

I choose crossfit!!!  I’ve dabbled a teensy tiny bit and what amazed me was how great I felt after a workout.  Second best thing – the workouts didn’t last more than an hour.  Thirty minutes tops!  (Now with weights and the increasing difficulty of the WODs [Workout Of the Day] it will get a little longer)  A short quick workout that targets all of my muscle groups is exactly what I need.  And for right now, everything I need to do a WOD is right here in my home.  And did I mention that it’ll feel great!?

So where do I start?  I got some advice from Big D, who is slowly trying to convince me that we need the weights (and it’s nearly working)  I can also go onto Youtube and there are tons of tutorials on how to do these exercises.  There’s also an app that I purchased for my iPad called “myWOD” that’ll be helpful on my journey to a better, healthier, stronger body.   

What I am going to attempt to do is complete one WOD per week and blog about it to help keep myself on track.  I’m picking and choosing how I do my WODs.  For tomorrow, I created my own and I’m going to do it all week in order to be able to document progress.  This isn’t what they typically do in a crossfit gym, but this is how I’m going to roll with it.  I will post what I did for the WOD and whatever else I feel the need to share.  This should be fun! 

Here’s to tomorrow’s WOD!

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Can you Crossfit?


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