Cucumbers the Way Mom Made Them

The one thing I remembered well from when I was a kid was the food. “Superman” ice cream, Rice Krispies cereal with the pastel colored marshmallows, steak smothered in A1 sauce…but the one food I liked best was barbecue food. Yes I was a picky child but no more than most. And my mom always put on quite a spread, between Filipino and American food. With my particular tastes at that time, my stomach paid more attention to what came off the grill than what was ordered in from Canada, 

One thing my mom made that was unique to our barbecues was the pickled cucumber. Over the years, I’ve heard people refer to it by a couple different names: cucumber salad, spicy cucumbers, and pickles. So maybe you’ve heard of it to. This is so super simple and it is amazingly delicious if you’re a pickle fan.

My mom used to take old gallon buckets that were once used to house ice cream. (Those things were always saved in our house; so many uses!) she would slice up quite a few cucumbers, add them to the bucket with some vinegar, garlic cloves, sliced onions, salt and pepper. Trying to get her to give me the recipe would be a lost cause. Her recipes are “a pinch here, a handful there.” Yeah, I bet you can see my frustrations. 

Lucky for you, (and me) you won’t need exact measurements. Just go by your taste buds, they are your friend. Here’s what I did:

Put the cucumbers and onions in the jar with some white vinegar. I added garlic powder because I ran out of garlic. Then I put a dash of onion powder just because. Since I was on a rebel’s streak, the smallest amount of cayenne pepper went into the jar, no regrets. I suggest adding more salt than you think you’d need. Trust your buds. Also, I can’t remember what dish I was making that was vinegar-based but adding sugar to it was supposed to calm down the bite of vinegar. So in went about 2 teaspoons of sugar. (Probably could’ve used a little more) Let it sit for a bit in the fridge, about an hour or so. Then take it to your barbecue to top on burgers or eat alongside your favorite salads. 


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