It’s Been A While

I love coffee.  I’m drinking it right now, and it’s nearly 2:00 in the afternoon.  French Vanilla flavored coffee to be exact.  Is it redundant to add French Vanilla coffee creamer to my French Vanilla flavored coffee?  That’s what I did!  I could be living on the edge these days – you never know. 

I won’t pretend that a lot of time has elapsed since my last real blog.  It’s been a crazy time-consuming segment of my life:

  • Became a certified EMT Basic – Check! 
  • Finished school year – Check!
  • Welcomed Big D home – Check!
  • Had Baby #4 – Double Check!

I have valid excuses right?  Studying anything in the medical field really is a challenge, but I’m glad to come out of this school year knowing that I’ve reached my stepping stone.  I made it!!!  Big D is home and will be for a while.  And we had baby #4!  That was so not part of the bigger picture, but he has been part of painting a new picture for us since he came into this world.  Such a sweet baby.  His big sisters adore him.  I’m cherishing every little baby milestone, because this is our last. 

With all that has been happening in our house, I have desperately been trying to find time to update everyone.  Write new blogs.  While I will be quite a busy gal in this busy house, you should be seeing more on here.  New Goal: I hope to write each week. 🙂 

Til next time…


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