Lil Monsters Cake Pops

I just love breaking up the monotony of everyday busy life and do a little baking. I made these monster cake pops for my sitter who was contributing them to a bake sale for the cub scouts. Hopefully they helped raise some money for them.

I made them with chocolate cake and various Wilton’s melting chocolates. I really had a lot of fun making these. It’s been a while since I went into this much detail. I would suggest using melting chocolate if you are planning on doing faces for your cake pops. The eyes are really cute but they really bug out! But if you aren’t steady with your piping, little candies do the trick. 🙂

I apologize in advance if they came out blurry. I’m having major connectivity issues with my laptop so I’m doing this all on my iPad using a photo editing app. *sigh* (sometimes I hate all of this technology.)


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