Candy Conundrums

My kids don’t get candy often, save for treats or movie nights. So it kills me when they get goody bags or baskets loaded with more than enough sweet tooth cures. (I have vowed to get creative from this year on).

I know I should probably just throw it all away but I hate to throw it all away. The little kid within me (and no I don’t just mean this fetus) will always want some candy every now and again. And the recent holidays have sure tested my abilities to hide this stash that’s been growing every month since January.

Big D will probably disagree with this, but here enters my solution: Put it ALL in a big jar so it’s all condensed and not hiding in grocery bags on top of the fridge or in the back of the cupboards. Voila! I even added a little scoop so on movie nights they can each get a scoop in their Dixie cups. Variety and portion control: everyone is happy.


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