Easy DIY Hand-made Address Labels

I love little gifts and I got one just this weekend. My best friend B came down and took care of business this past Saturday while I was out of the house. She brought with her some paper with adorable patterns. The kind that when you look at it you think ” I NEED to make something with those!!!” That’s pretty much what I did today. πŸ™‚

I have tons of February photo cards to send out (yes I know March is nearly over, yes I’m behind, don’t give me that look!) and I dread the task of addressing the envelopes by hand. What I did to try and make my life easy is I created an address labels page and added all the people on my snail mail list (what, you don’t have one of these?!) and chose a pretty legible font. Not knowing what to do with them after that, I let them sit on my desk until a good idea came to mind. One week…two weeks…got it! With the newest addition of pretty papers to my craft closet, I had the brilliant idea of making my own personalized address labels.

What you need:
Decorative paper
Computer with printing option
*paper trimmer (I have lots of addresses, this makes my life easy)
*Pretty paper corner punches (optional)
Glue (I just used clear Elmer’s, so we will see how it turns out)

Time for this project depends on how many labels you want to make. I completed 24 labels and this was all done over several days. (Funny how it works out that way for my projects haha…)

I’m watching them dry as I type this (ok not really) and I must say that I’m pretty happy about not having to address the envelopes by hand. Not to mention its a cheap little project for unused papers. I’m going to experiment a little for next month’s round of snail mail πŸ™‚


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