Pancake & Bacon Muffins

I was playing around in the kitchen one morning, wondering if bacon would sit right like a cup if I wrapped it around the inside of a large muffin tin.  And this is what happened as a result.
Are you wondering what it is?  I like to call it the “Pancake and Bacon Muffin.”  If you don’t like your food to touch, I can’t expect you to appreciate this creation.  In my humble opinion, bacon plays quite nicely with the pancake in this crude display of companionship.

Pancakes and bacon already go hand-in-hand, so marrying the two in such a manner was a dream come true for me.  And OH SO GOOD.  What I did here was I took extra bacon that I set aside and I wrapped it around the inside of a large muffin tin the best I could.  I then baked them at 350 for about 15-20 minutes, the first time.  Don’t cook it all the way to your desired “done-ness.”  It all depends on how crispy you like your bacon in the end.  I like mine extra crispy.

Take the bacon out of the oven, but leave the oven on.  Bacon should hold it’s ring shape when you remove it and place it on a paper towel to drain the grease.  Also drain the grease from the muffin tin as best you can.  Set aside.

However you choose to make your pancake batter is fine.  I used my box mix for lack of a pre-formulated plan.  I don’t know if this makes much of a difference but for the sake of giving a play-by-play, I made it a teensy bit runnier than I normally make it.  Put the bacon rings back into the muffin tin and pour the pancake batter into the middle of each.  It may run outside of the bacon ring and that’s okay.  Put the muffin tin back into the oven. 

Now here’s where the directions may get a little muddled and be different for you.  I made my batter runny, so I baked it for a little longer.  I’d say about 20-25 minutes total.  Keep an eye on it!  Check the middle of your muffin with a toothpick, and add more time in the oven if needed.

The best part is yet to come.  Once they are cooled enough to handle, you can drizzle honey, or maple syrup or whatever kind of syrup you like over them and eat them with your hands.  Perhaps Nutella???  Oh that does sound good.  Maybe next time. 

I gave these a test run for eating on the go.  They worked out wonderfully.  Sometimes I forget to eat before I leave the house, and if the grocery store is my destination, I am in trouble!  I grabbed one of these as I walked out of the house, and it made my morning.  For a healthier version, try wheat pancake batter.  (on my list) 

Another thing you can do is freeze them.  I have not tried this because they were too irresistible to keep for longer than a day.  You know how sometimes when you reheat food, it isn’t as good or it gets hard from the freezer?  I reheated the leftovers in the microwave and they were just as good as if they just came out of the oven.  Mmmmuuuaaah!


2 thoughts on “Pancake & Bacon Muffins

  1. I tried these this morning! I used boxed pancake mix and they were on the bland side. Do you have any add-in suggestions? I was thinking cinnamon, my dear husband thinks cheese might make them better! I can't wait to try them again! Thanks!


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