Hot Summer Days Pt 1

It’s been extremely hot and humid outside for what seems like months.  I can’t even stand to be outside to water my garden and flower beds.  Not to mention it’s hard for me to take Little A outside with her skin issues.  So you can imagine how bummed I am this summer.  This is my favorite season!  I can count on one hand how many times I’ve been to the beach, and that is so sad.  At least we have managed to stay cool.

Since the 4th of July, my mom and nephew “C” have been visiting.  It’s been such an awesome visit.  I’m getting new flowers and trees in my yard, and I get to spend so much time with my nephew.  I hardly see him so this is such a treat. And having my mom here for my birthday was nice.  It didn’t completely fall flat.

The biggest challenge we have had to face thus far is how to keep the kids entertained.  It’s too hot to even breathe outside, let alone run around.  And of course, Little A and her skin issues prevent her from being in the heat and humidity.  We’ve pretty much been keeping them inside, except on a few occasions when the sun has gone down. 
Since I’m a huge fan of Pinterest, I had a ton of ideas on how to keep them entertained.  Though I had to keep the activities inside for the most part, it was a life saver.

The first activity is more of a science experiment.  The kids were getting restless around Little A’s naptime, so I had to pick an activity that was quiet and required them to sit still.  I found this on Pinterest:
You need:

Shallow dish (like a pie pan)
3 small containers
Vinegar (about 2 cups, depends on amount of kids)
Baking Soda (I used an entire small box)
Old medicine dropper or spoon

Pour the vinegar into each container equally. To make it interesting for them, I took three different colors of food coloring and dyed the vinegar.  Give them each a dropper and instruct them to suck up the vinegar and squirt it into the pan.  Watch them oooh and aaah at the chemical reaction.
100_9886 100_9887
To be continued…


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