Udon Noodles

Making udon noodles is super easy, so I was told.  And come to find out, my friend was right!  I’ve always been intimidated and too afraid to delve into the wonderfully tasting world of Asian cooking.  My predictions were that whatever I made would not be that tasty.
Don’t know what udon noodles look like?  Ours didn’t turn out like this but I thought the bowl was pretty.

Udon noodles were a safe bet… and with my mom there it was certain to be delicious.  We picked up a few packs of udon noodles from my favorite oriental market.  And at this point, we were officially committed.

To my surprise, there is no trick to cooking udon noodles.  (Except don’t cook for too long or they get soggy) It really is super simple.  We took the noodles, put them in a pot with some chicken broth and let it heat up.  There is a packet of seasoning that can be added.  We used half of it and let the flavors from veggies and I think the soy sauce do the work.  Then, we chopped up some veggies and added them shortly after.  Some of the rules you follow for adding certain vegetables to soups needs to be followed for this recipe too.  For example, cabbage should be added in the beginning, while green onions should be added last to avoid mushiness.  If you’re going to add garlic, mince it then heat it up a bit in a pan with olive oil beforehand.

It really is not difficult to make this.  There are so many variations to preparing udon noodles.  And my girls and nephew loved it! This just may become a staple in our home.


2 thoughts on “Udon Noodles

  1. I have a pack of these noodles sitting in my pantry that we were supposed to take advantage of but we didn't get a chance to get to it. Sounds like it was real simple & delicious. I look forward to cooking it when I get back home!
    P.S. Girl, you part Asian….go ahead with your Asian cooking skills!


  2. I know!!! I wish we would have. I'm actually craving some right now…

    And of course I know I'm Asian! I only have confidence in dishes that my Momma has helped me make. And there's a ton of other dishes out there…


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