Homemade Liquid Hand Soap

We use so much hand soap and I’m kind of getting tired of buying it.  It’s a necessity obviously, but I’m always waiting and waiting for a good coupon to come out so I can stock up.  They are few and far between and I bite the bullet most every time, paying full price anyway. (Hey, I really like to save!)  I took someone’s advice on Pinterest and decided I needed to make my own hand soap.  As usual, my response when I found the recipe was “This is a brilliant idea. Just like the Laundry detergent, this could save us money!”  Naturally, I tried it.
What you need:
*2 tablespoons liquid glycerin
*8 oz bar soap (2 bars)
*1 gal distilled water
= roughly $7 since I bought the Dial 3 pk. (and used a coupon)
This blogger warns that your batch of soap could be too runny.  (Which she has ways to doctor it up)  Mine was too runny.  It was the consistency of soap when you try to be frugal and add water to the smallest amount of leftover soap in your soap dispenser.  I chose the “clear” Dial bar soap, which had extra glycerin in it.  I didn’t see that it had extra glycerin, and I don’t know if that is how I got runny results but I didn’t like using the “clear” bars.  By clear, I mean the ones that aren’t completely opaque.  The picture below doesn’t show it well.
Depending on your choice in bar soap, it may not lather as much or at all compared to what you can purchase in a store.  My first batch was like this.  And I think this may have been why my husband was turned off to the idea of me making handmade soap.  But the second batch was perfect.  It lathers really well, and smells so good.  Both my mom and husband gave me complements!
Now I will tell you how I made my successful batch (the second one).  First, I used a smaller amount of soap.  I found a bar of soap (wish I had a picture) at TJ Maxx for $4.99, and it was about 4.5-5 ounces.  It was one of those that you can find wrapped in pretty packaging paper near the registers.  I like to think of them as fancy soaps.  I have never used them but I smelled this bar and it had me with it’s citrus smell!  I forgot the recipe called for 8 ounces, so I didn’t buy a second one.  I took that home, went through the grating process (which this solid bar soap was so much easier and it’s citrus aroma filled my kitchen), poured my distilled water into a large pot, and added two tablespoons of liquid glycerin (which I already had).  Let that heat up til all of the shavings dissolved, then I cooled it down completely.  It wasn’t until a day or two after (it was the 3rd of July and my mom was coming into town so of course I didn’t want to bother with it) that I put it away.  I filled up a couple of soap dispensers in the bathrooms, then used a funnel and poured the rest into the same gallon jug that my water was in.  Label it and store it in your cleaning supplies closet or under the sink and call it a productive day.
IMG_4789 IMG_4790                                       IMG_4791
Find the original recipe that I based mine off of here: http://www.thefarmersnest.com/2011/11/liquid-hand-soap-diy.html


2 thoughts on “Homemade Liquid Hand Soap

  1. You are very welcome!!! I've made three more batches since then, one of them being baby soap! And, I think I convinced my mom that this is one of those homemade household products that is not a waste of time to make.


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