Product Review: Gillette Venus 2-in-1

Product Review: Gillette Venus 2 in 1
I bought this for the main reason I buy most products that I plan on or will be using: it was a good deal. It also helped that I had a coupon and I got the good deal at my favorite store for toiletries. Thanks Walgreens! Just wish there were more of you on every corner here in this little ole town…

Well I would be remiss if I didn’t give a shout out to Walgreens. It’s because of them that these razors even ended up in my cart, in my bag, in my shower at the end of the day.  I happened to try them for the first time today. This very evening actually. I had to read directions before I even opened the darn thing. *gasp* I know, weird right?

Let me just preface this by saying that I have been using THE SAME BRAND of razors for NEARLY 8 YEARS. My cousin introduced me to the Schick Intuition razor many many MANY moons ago when she saw the  atrocity I was using to get my shave on. It all started on a cross-country trip…whoops wrong post 🙂

Anyway, 8 years is a really long time to stick with a brand.  (In the dictionary, next to loyalty is a picture of me!)  While I have been patiently waiting for a coupon to come out for my favorite razors, Gillette did me one better. Walgreens and Gillette pulled some magic savings beans out of their pockets, placed them at my feet, I grew the beans into a lovely beanstalk which I climbed all the way to the shaving aisle and nabbed my new razors, awesome deal in hand.

Not digging the story time approach? Ok, I bought the razors and then stored them in my razors bin. Better?

I quickly ran out of bar on my Intuition. Much quicker than I imagined. I didn’t have a plan for taking a new razor on vacation with me. Who wants cuts up and down their legs, and razor bumps in their “no razor bumps please” zone? I couldn’t chance it. So guess what I did? I forgot altogether. I had no shaving plan.

What happened on my vacation is that my best friend ha some Bic Soleil razors that she happened to get a good deal on. (see? I’m not the only one) her loyalty is also with the Intuition so of course these bad boys were available and unopened. My only concern was “I didn’t bring any shaving cream and I’m in too much of a hurry” so I used the Rolodex in my head and flipped to “Great Ideas I Found On Pinterest”. Grabbed the hair conditioner and went to work. I instantly missed my Intuition dearly. This whole shaving evolution took FOREVER. You know when you’re “old school” and use shaving cream, it has to be done in parts. Ugh! I got the job done believe it or not! (Note: Hair conditioner works just as good if not better than shaving cream! File)

That baby step brings me to the toddler leap I took tonight with the Venus 2-in-1. With a big sigh, and after reading the directions, I put the cartridge in, suction-cupped the holder to the tile, and away I went. It was all-in-all much better than the Soleil. I really dislike any razor that I have to take the extra step to put shaving cream on. If I am ever bored and in need of something to do, I might draw a bath, lather up and shave one section at a time.

I was glad to see that the Venus was quite similar to my preferred brand.  It slowed me down just a little, because it is not as wide as the Intuition.  The head of this razor pivots a little when you’re going around the knee caps which is nice because those are my trouble spots. The Venus is also much smaller and light-weight than the Intuition. I don’t even know why I say light-weight because there’s hardly any weight to it at all. The Intuition had a whole lot of body to hold onto, and it’s cartridge fits the width of its body so naturally it will be heavier.  When I use the Venus razor though, I feel like a toddler with those super-wide crayons.  I can manhandle the Intuition, but the Venus can slip so easily. 

If my opinion counts for something, I will end this by saying I would purchase another Venus.  It’s not bad if you want to travel light and take a little extra time.


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