Oh Sweet Basil!

I went out to my garden to pick some romaine lettuce and I spied my basil growing out of control. I can totally eat that, with something. So I started picking and I came across these mammoth leaves.

Two years ago I stuck a live basil bought from one of those whole food stores into a planter and watched that bad boy grow. I thought that was growing well. But that one doesn’t hold a candle in the wind to the basil and how I planted this year. Good gracious, I’m proud!


4 thoughts on “Oh Sweet Basil!

  1. Yes, very awesome. I love that you've introduced herbs into my life. I've never used cilantro or basil more in my life until I met you. I am soooooooooooooooooo looking to that pesto you're talking about. Yummers!


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