Fried Green Tomatoes

Trying new things has been right up my alley ever since I have lived on my own and outgrown my safety bubble with foods. I’m no longer a meat and potatoes kid, Mom! Shifting away from my comfort foods and experimenting a bit in the kitchen has become one of my small triumphs. There’s so much that I have discovered and learned to appreciate, that I would have turned my nose upwards to a decade or so ago (let’s not date myself, hee hee!). 
I wouldn’t eagerly label myself a foodie, as I believe there is nothing a foodie wouldn’t consume. I’m more of a food lover with standards.  Sorry chicken hearts, fried insects, and Balut (warning graphic pictures).  

Frying up some green tomatoes was a bold decision for me, because A) I don’t particularly like eating tomatoes plain, and B) it’s fried.  The motivating factor stemmed from a conversation I overheard while waiting in line at Lowe’s.  These two older women were talking about how they grow tomatoes, how they eat them, and it led to fried green tomatoes.  One woman said that she absolutely loves frying them up, with lots of salt and pepper, then dipping in vinegar.  I thought “Hmm…I like vinegar” (assuming she meant malt vinegar).

 IMG_4528   Tomatoes from my garden!
My plan to fry tomatoes just kind of happened yesterday.  I went and picked these tomatoes from one of my plants on Sunday because they looked like they were tired of being on the vine.  Last night, I had a few minutes to spare so being my multi-tasking self, I took on the project of slicing, battering and frying one tomato.


Sizzle sizzle!
End result?  The middle piece was a hit with my toddler, with it being crunchy.  She asked for another “pickle.”  My oldest actually liked something I put in front of her.  And my 1-year-old had a whopping 6 bites! 
What I did was lightly sprinkle some sea salt on them as soon as I pulled them out of the pan.  Then I took mine, poured some malt vinegar on top, and dipped in ketchup. (Hey if you’re going to do bad, might as well do it all the way!)  They tasted sour and tangy, as you would expect any barely ripened fruit to taste, with a nice crunch to the outside.  And the ketchup…it added a little sweetness to the sour-salty-vinegar flavor combo.  Mmm-mmm-mmmmm!!!
Bonus: First item to be harvested this growing season.  Love cooking from my garden!

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