Decoupage Ceramic Tile For A Gift

Note: There are affiliate links within this post.  This means that if you make a purchase from the links, I may receive compensation for the purchase.  And I thank you for supporting my blog!

Are you stuck on gift ideas for Father’s Day?  Graduation?  Maybe a birthday?
If you enjoy making handmade gifts, here’s an idea:

Decoupage a Ceramic Tile!
You will need the following:
*6×6 tile (you can go bigger if you want.  I didn’t want to go smaller because I wanted the pretty patterned papers to show behind the picture and I didn’t want to cut my picture down too much.)
*Patterned papers
*Mod Podge


*Foam brush (use a wide one)
*Paper cut-outs or other embellishments (lace trim, ribbon, etc)
*Patterned scissors or paper trimmer

Here is the instructional video on Youtube that helped me.  This is SUPER easy, and you’ll probably want to make more.  I know I do, and I have lots of other ideas I want to try out! 

❤ Mod Podge

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