It’s May, What’s Happening In Your Garden?

April showers bring May flowers…and various other growths that I’ve been waiting to bloom, sprout, and produce.  It’s nearly June though, so there has been plenty of time and sun and rain/watering, and I’ve seen much activity in the yard.  It’s pretty exciting stuff!  I didn’t appreciate gardens until a few years ago, but now I’m constantly thinking “What can I grow next?  What would benefit the landscape?  The environment?”
Here’s what I have going on:
IMG_4419                          IMG_4420

Dwarf Pear Tree – Look, I’m still bearing fruit!
My bed of  veggies and herbs seem to be growing well.

IMG_4421                          IMG_4422

Cosmos flowers that I planted as seeds to form a border.  I didn’t think they’d do well here in this bed.
My wisteria is…blooming again.  I need to prune it because the vines are twining around low-hanging branches on one of my magnolia trees.

IMG_4423                          IMG_4424

Magnolia trees are blooming – I love these!
Almost there with my tomatoes…love the smell of tomatoes on vines.

IMG_4425                          IMG_4426

Hostas are blooming
Gardenias are blooming too, and have such a strong aromatic scent that fills the air.

IMG_4427                          IMG_4428

Someone please name this vine…
…here’s a closer look.

IMG_4429                           IMG_4430

Propagated wisteria root seems to be doing well here…
This one was weed-wacked by our lawn service guy 😦


These irises are always pretty in bloom.

Some other things I have growing on are clematas (they’re vining!), dwarf plum tree (ready to harvest!) and my hisbiscus bushes are blooming beautifully.  Composts are doing well too.  Couldn’t be happier 🙂


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