Whipping Cream Blunder

Oh whipping cream, how I must perfect you.  And I will…

I decided to save the egg whites I used when making my key lime pie (which, to me, crashed and burned) to make whipping cream.  I have never made whipping cream using egg whites so of course I eventually looked up a recipe.  This is what I learned afterwards, and what I did:

Before I even looked up instructions I thought it would be a good idea to learn by doing.  And if many of you are like me, doing it this way is usually not a good idea.   

I used only 4 egg whites and I whipped the egg whites, practically right out of the fridge.  Then, I just happened to think “I should probably look up some instructions…”  Whoops!

Then, I whipped them like crazy in my mixer with the whisk attachment.  It formed nice peaks, but I tasted it and realized it needed some sugar.  I chose powdered sugar…don’t know if that is what I should have added but it didn’t seem to make it too heavy.  Then I added a teensy bit of vanilla, for what?  Who knows.  I don’t even know, this was all coming from my not-so-extensive knowledge of making whipping cream.  It sounded like a good idea at the time.

Afterwards, I realized that my stinkin’ dessert wasn’t ready so I put the whipping cream into some tupperware and right into the fridge.  Oh I don’t know if that was a horrible idea or if I needed to use it right afterwards.  But when I got it back out, there was fluid at the bottom of the container and the whole thing got thrown out.  Wasteful I know, but I couldn’t feed that to my family.  Something told me it was better off in the trash. 

Lessons to be learned:  It’s best to experiment with leftovers. 

I couldn’t find the exact website that I used, but here is a link from thekitchn.com – How To Make Whipping Cream


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