Homemade Wreath for Under $15

My motivation for wanting to make a wreath stems from way back in March. (haha I make it seem like it was ages ago) I went to Carolina Pottery (LOVE this store) and browsed practically the entire store because they sell so many fun items.  If you’re a homebody like me who loves to do crafts, be in the kitchen, shop for home decor, then you will love this store too!  SO many ideas for future parties and gifts that I want to make.  Anyway, before I get too far off track (see, just talking about it makes me excited to go back) I came across the left side of the store where I found all of these colorful mesh wire ribbons, wreath adornments, wreaths, foam in all shapes and sizes, plastic and cloth flowers of all kinds, and everything you could want or need for making your own wreath or decor.  And along the wall there were these wreaths that were made as models and they were so big and beautiful and colorful, and made me think “I could put just about anything on there to personalize it”.  Just like I used that metal sun, these were made with those metal signs that say “Beach Day For Me” or “Happy Easter” and you originally buy them to hang them straight onto your front door as seasonal decor.  I ended up having a birthday one made for my best friend and it was big and loud and purple and she loved it.

So, about a month or so ago, a friend suggest we make wreaths for our front doors.  I was very excited to make this wreath, but very overwhelmed.  I had no idea how to make a wreath, nor have I ever made one.  It overwhelmed me.
Good news!  It is super super easy.  And surprisingly cheap.  All you need is a wreath ($5), various plastic flowers (I picked up about 5 at the Dollar Tree, friend had spare peacock feathers) and anything else you want to hang in the middle or between flowers. (Metal sun $1, wire ribbon $1)

Depending on the complexity of your layout of flowers, you may or may not need to cut off the stems.  But if you do, you will need a glue gun or wire to attach it.  I wish I had a picture of my friend’s wreath, it is absolutely simple and beautiful.  She has an eye for design. 🙂 

My wreath was easy and I did not use my glue gun.  I stuck the stems strategically into the wreath itself and wrapped it around the curves.  I used ribbon and weaved it in and out of the open spaces, which to me tied it all together.  And I took some wire and tied the sun charm (I like to think of it as a charm, even if it’s as big as my hand) right in the middle of the open space of the wreath, off to the side.  I didn’t want to obstruct the view out of my peep hole.

I can see myself making another one of these… and them are fairly inexpensive to make.  They would make great house-warming gifts.


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