Gym Rat of 2012

You didn’t honestly think I’d be blogging solely about baking, did you? Oh well, I did.  Since I’ve lost my kitchen mojo, and because the broken oven set me back during the holidays, I had to find other things to write about.

Ho hum.

This is not necessarily a bad thing.  I’ve discovered that I am quite a well-rounded gal.  I am handy with a staple gun, steady with spray paint, and I have somewhat of an eye for gardening and landscaping.  I’ve written many posts on my projects that I have seen through to completion, but the one activity I have not written about is working out.

Who really wants to hear about my progress in the gym?  I don’t know, but maybe there is someone out there who would be interested in my trials and failures.  Let’s just say there are more trials ending in successes than failures for the sake of being an optimist and wanting to keep the motivation train rolling.

I’ve been at it ever since January.  It would be a lie if I said that I wanted to go to the gym.  If it weren’t for my significant other pushing me out the door, I probably wouldn’t have made it into the gym til the weather got warmer. (I can’t even explain the logic there)  At any rate, I have been going pretty steadily since then.  

Are you wondering what some of my successes have been?  Out of all successes I have seen myself through, and aside from actually walking through the gym doors, the biggest accomplishment would have to be pull-ups.  I was never able to do one before.  I felt like my upper body was weak, and it was.  Now I can do 5 at a time (that’s the most so far) and I can’t tell you how good that feels.  I can walk a little taller now, haha!

Oh I guess I should have mentioned my reason for wanting to get back into the gym.  For those of you who know me, you know it’s not for wanting to lose weight.  I actually want to gain weight through weight training – weight lifting.  And that’s the second success I have had.  I don’t normally weigh myself, and it has actually been months since I stepped on a scale.  Curiosity got the best of me when I stepped up there, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that I was at 118!  I started at about 110-112 and I am not sure if that is a fast gain or slow gain, but in my book it is a gain and that equals success.  I can’t and won’t be hard on myself, because at the end the day I feel good.  And when I feel this good, what is there to be upset about? 


2 thoughts on “Gym Rat of 2012

  1. Your success is my success!!!! I am so glad & thankful you became this “Gym Angel” because if it weren't for you, I would have not started!!! I'm no Gym Angel or Gym Rat but I know I'm in the gym because you cared!! Keep up the good work, continue to be my motivation and don't let silly gym injuries be your enemy!


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