Fresh Salsa

I love fresh salsa! The stuff that comes in jars seem to be so processed down that their colors almost disappear.

The more colorful the better the taste, not to mention its healthier.

I threw in some Roma tomatoes and red onions (with the help of my best friend here), cilantro, a green pepper, juice of one lime, fresh ground pepper and sea salt to taste. (jalapenos are also an ingredient I use if I can get away with it)ย Just mix and reap the benefits of healthier eating!


3 thoughts on “Fresh Salsa

  1. Hey I got a shoutout, that is awesome!! You are so right about the discoloration in the salsa jars. Quite disgusting when you think about it. A lil chopping never hurt nobody…unless of course they chopped their carotid artery!! :-X

    s/n: I prefer jalapenos vice the bell pep but with smaller mouths to feed, bell pep is a good substitue!


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