At First Glaze…

I am so pleased right now.  I completed my nightstand “refurbishing” project and it looks really good.  I brought it into the house and welcomed it home.  🙂

So here is what I did.  I went “treasure hunting” with my girls one morning and found this:
Only $29.99 gaaaaaah!!!

The color would have been alright, I suppose… But the top had this hideous laminate top to it.  It had to be covered up.  I used KILZ primer and decided not to use a color paint after.  It looks good as a white stand. Afterwards, I sanded down any bubbles and whatnot from the top so that I could spray it with an enamel protectant spray paint.  There I am below, working on sanding down the top.

I apologize if I am all over the map with this post…if you want to know what I did, just send me a message.  I will mention a little bit about what I did in each picture.

For the handles, I got help from a dear friend.  (I look up to her for DIY projects like this.  Another blog that helps is called All Things Thrifty.  My friend also got me hooked on this blog complete with step-by-step instructions, videos, and FAQ.  ❤ her!)  Back to the handles… I filled up a container with enough water to cover up the handles.  Then I added some lemon juice (tried lime afterwards, I think it works all the same) and enough baking soda until it stopped fizzing.  I truly wish I had written down the amounts.  Sigh… oh the excitement got to me.

Once the handles sat in the lemon juice, baking soda, and water mixture for a bit, I first used a tooth brush to try and clean off the paint.  I was hoping for a miracle.  I thought the paint would just fall off with a gentle touch.  Nope.  I must have done something wrong along the way?  I ended up making another mixture using lime juice after I made a trip up to Lowe’s for a small wire brush (I recommend being very careful with these, they hurt!)

Here are the handles, all cleaned up and shiny

VOILA!  They’re like brand new handles.

The view from the front
(I realized I missed a small section across the middle…it’s still yellow but easily fixable.)

While the handles were being taken care of, I glazed this bad boy down.  Glazing was intimidating, because I didn’t know what I was doing.  But it’s actually really simple.  You brush it on, wipe it off, and then the glaze will be left over in all of the cracks and imperfections.  That’s what gives it the antique look.  How cool!

Final product

Isn’t it neat!?  I can’t wait for the next treasure I find.  I may go for some color. 😀  Thanks for the inspiration Angie!


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