Growing My Seedlings

Talk about diving in head first!
I just bought the seeds, and the dirt, and went to town.  There’s no time like the present right?  And I will never know if I can maintain a garden if I don’t try.  So here is to first times!

As you can see, I’ve started my seedlings.  It’s actually been a few weeks…I’ve just been super busy with, well life and I haven’t published this post.

*smacks procrastinating hand*

Anyway, the seeds I used (above) are basil, cilantro, green pepper, garden beans, cucumbers, onions, spinach, carrots, lettuce, and broccoli.

Because I choose to be frugal any chance I can, I am reusing egg cartons for my seedlings.  I’d prefer to use the recycled cartons, but the styrofoam ones are still good because I’m repurposing them instead of trashing them.

What I did was poke a hole in each egg pocket so that the water can drain.  Then I filled each pocket with dirt then placed a seed in each pocket, covering it afterwards and packing lightly.  Easy peasy.

I had to go a step further and draw out a grid for labeling purposes.  Yes, I know I’m such a nerd.  I could have just stuck plant labels in each one I suppose… But I didn’t.

After admiring my handy work with these grids on the backs of index cards, I watered each one just enough to wet the dirt.  It’s my first time starting seedlings, so I don’t know if that is a normal amount of water.  I do water them each morning though, and I check to dirt to make sure it is moist.

(The best thing about using these egg cartons is that I wouldn’t have to worry about early morning frost. Instant blanket!)

To be continued…

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