Planting Bulbs – In Spring?!

What luck I have!  And I’m hoping I have a green enough thumb to go along with it.  I was so sick of cutting and pulling and raking up poison ivy (yes I can now determine what it looks like, and yes, we have quite an abundance of them) that I took a break and walked around the back part of our yard.  I have been staring at this pile of dead leaves and dirt underneath the overhang of our shed, debating on when to shovel it up and toss it into the “wilderness” that is the outer perimeter of our back yard. A closer look revealed these bulbs growing pretty much on top of the ground. 

Thank goodness I took a closer look, because this is what I saw:

Don’t worry, I will plant you my little friend.

I believe, and don’t quote me on this, that my dear significant other dumped an old potted plant out and these are the remnants of what used to be, well alive.  I probably sent him on one of my million missions to clear out pots that day.

Little bulbs just trying to find a home

Check that out!  They were growing underneath the dead leaves from the previous… actually I don’t know where we would have had bulbs to even throw them out like this.  Oh well, consider them saved.  Is’t it so cool that these bulbs are growing on top of the dirt, with very little sunlight? 

I have never bought bulbs before.  I know that they should be planted in the fall, deep in the dirt, and they will pop up out of the dirt with beautiful flowers.  Here is the lucky part for me:

I am growing them in the spring!  I am getting such a kick out of this, if you can’t tell.  I didn’t have to buy the bulbs, I didn’t have to plant in fall, and I didn’t have to dig a bunch of holes with one of those bulb gardening tools (which I would’ve had to buy)


Yard scrap swag

Out of the “rubble” I saved over a dozen bulbs.  Some of them were pretty old, as you can tell by how their bulbs don’t resemble real bulbs but more of an oblong-shape.  Some of the bulbs I put into the ground didn’t actually have visible growth but I figured that I did not want to waste them.  Hopefully soon I will have a beautiful array of tulips blooming around my pear tree 😀


2 thoughts on “Planting Bulbs – In Spring?!

  1. Those oblong ones are irises. They're not quite a bulb, but similar. We have a TON that previous owners planted. Keep them happy, and in a few years, you'll have to divide them up bc they'll have multiplied like rabbits! Enjoying your blog!


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