Innovative Guacamole Bowl

I ❤ Guacamole
Think I can make millions by selling this phrase on t-shirts?  No?  Oh well, not everyone can come up with innovative money-makers.  Or can they…?

Hahaha, if reusing kitchen scraps can help me make money, then I should be golden.  I love to be able to reuse something at least once before I throw it in the trash (ie plastic Walmart bags)  And I’ve been wanting to try this with guacamole, but not while entertaining for fear of looking like I’m too cheap to get dip bowls.

For my family, too bad.  They will eat off of whatever I give them. 😛

Here is what I did.  (Yes I’m going to write it all out even though the pictures are self-explanatory; this is a written blog after all, not a picture show)  I saved the skin of the avocado, with a rough cleaning job.  The completed guacamole will be filling it anyway so it doesn’t have to be scraped completely.

Next, make your favorite guacamole recipe in the entire world.  Unlike me, you’re entertaining right?  Want a rustic look to your dish?  Yeah I thought so.

Voila!  You have a conversation starter for your party. 

Here’s a closer look…I like mine kind of chunky.


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