Shabby Chic Ideas & a Mommy Meet-up

I recently joined this Mommy group in hopes of making some new friends with families who have kids the same age as mine.  And having similar interests would be nice for me too.  (I’m in need of a gym rat partner who is also my equal.  Hubby just doesn’t do it for me.  Changing out the weights before I go for my reps is kind of a time killer.  🙂

So today was the first meeting for me.  I had the pleasure of meeting several other mommies and their children.  We met at this coffee shop, and it was amazing.  I had no idea it even existed where it did!  It’s in the middle of this big empty and hopefully up-and-coming shopping center.  (Maybe that’s why I didn’t know…)  Anyway, I fell in love with the decor inside.  There were several mismatched tables, shabby chic design, and old antique accent pieces.  There were old crates that were repainted, a dresser that was made to look shabby chic and re-purposed… It was so gosh darn cute, I want to go in there and sit under the indoor pergola and drink my coffee.  🙂

One of my favorite pieces that actually seems feasible with my schedule and skill level is below.  The picture you see is…a coat/bag/scarf/anything that hangs rack.  It’s shabby chic and has 7 different knobs, and I love it.  I tried it out with my own reusable bag.  I don’t exactly know where I’d hang it, but I want to try and make it.

This is definitely going on my bucket list of things to create and decorate my house with… I have so many ideas!!!  Damn you Pinterest.  HAHA!

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