A Date With Mod Podge — Mod Podge Frames

Think the only thing I do is bake?  Pfft!  Definitely not.  When I am not baking, I’m building up a humongous list of crafts and DIY projects that I want to try one day.  Eventually.  So far, I’ve compiled a list that includes upholstering a couple of settees (you can see one of them in the first picture), spray painting…well, everything and anything, and decoupaging a table.  (Is that even a word? Hmm…)

Below are some pictures of my first project using Mod Podge.  I picked it up at Michael’s since I’ve been hearing so much about it.  I’ve been stalking people on Pinterest and Youtube who have tips and advice, or who just did something really cool with this stuff.  I have to say that I have a newfound love for Youtube.  You can find anything on there, but what I love the most are the videos on DIY projects. ❤

Okay, first picture.  I bought some plain wooden frames and some pretty scrapbook paper for each one. I used one frame to trace onto the papers in order to cut out the right size.  I later found that each frame had tiny flaws.  They weren’t 100% identical. So frustrating. 

Next, I tried putting the lightest coat of Mod Podge on the frame using a brush I bought in a cheap pack of multiple brushes.  HUGE mistake.  The bristles of the brush were falling off with each application of Mod Podge.  Very upsetting.  Anyway, I carefully placed the papers onto the frames.  This is where I realized that there were flaws in each cut frame.  Once I got the papers on there, using my fingers I rubbed and smoothed the paper down to avoid bubbling.  This stuff dries super quick so you have to do it carefully but fast.

After the first application dried, I cut the excess off with a razor.  This did not work out as perfectly as I expected.  I kind of tore a little of the paper and some of the Mod Podge had dried over the edge and made it difficult for the razor to cut smoothly.  Eh…

Second coating was placed on top of the papers after the coat underneath had dried, about 15-20 minutes.  I told you it’s super fast.  The bristles were falling out faster than I could count.  Grrrr! I was picking them out of the glue but I couldn’t sit there and do it with each swipe.  My Mod Podge was drying!  See my first picture?  You can see the bristles! So I switched to a sponge brush.  I didn’t see this tip in any of the Youtube videos.  It worked wonderfully!  (Maybe I should make my own video)

Here’s a look at my frames.  On the ones where I sort of tore the paper, I slapped on some colored squares of paper and put a coat on them.  It looks cute I think.  *shrug*

My pictures are out of order but the middle is my final shot at the frames.  I added a couple of stickers to the orange one.  I don’t know if brushing some Mod Podge on top of the stickers, but I did anyway to give it a uniformed look.

Voila!  There you have it.  Here’s a few videos that I found very helpful:

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