It Pays To Be Frugal

Shopping is one of those things that I like to do carefully.  I hate to spend a lot of money knowing I could probably buy it cheaper somewhere else.  That’s why sales and clearance racks are my friend.  I LOVE a good deal.  Since my husband left for work and I didn’t grab the other set of keys out of the SUV this morning (how was I supposed to remember they had been in there since Saturday???) I had nothing better to do than browse on-line for the girls’ shoes. 

What’s even better is that I memorized my credit card number, seeing that my wallet was also camping out in the SUV all weekend.  (Not something I normally do) The combination of having my credit card memorized and a limitless supply of stores on-line could constitute some serious trouble.  It’s a good thing I love to be frugal.

That brings me to the awesome deal I got today.  I needed to buy my girls some shoes and since I didn’t have a way to get to the store I went on-line.  My favorite place to buy shoes is  They have free two-day shipping and TONS of brands and styles to choose from.  Every shoe lover should have this bookmarked on their computer. 

I bought 4 pairs of shoes: Morgan & Milo slip-ons, New Balance tennis shoes, Kenneth Cole flats, and Miss Me wedge pumps.  And the grand total, you ask?

Drum roll please…………………………………….

………..with free two-day shipping……………..


Saving money is an awesome feeling.  Frugal spending is the way to go.  I LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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