Monster Energy Drink

I was ecstatic when I found these Monster energy drinks dirt cheap.  So, naturally I bought them.  Thing is, I have never tried an energy drink aside from Red Bull.  Coffee, and any variant of this hot beverage, has always been my choice in caffeine.  But now that I bought 15 cans of this stuff, I needed to at least try one.

In looking closely at the can, I realized that I did in fact buy the espresso flavor.  Score!  I took the can and gave it a good shake – that’s what I’d do normally with one of those Starbucks frappucinos.

Bad idea.

Even though these things aren’t carbonated, they explode after a good pre-opening shake.  See?  The picture is evidence of the aftermath of the shake. (I was later informed that Monster energy drinks are normally carbonated.  Is that true for all energy drinks?)

The caffeine level was good.  I suppose.  I was up later on that night, tossing and turning.  But the flavor is just like a frappucino except there’s that distinct after taste, to let you know that “Hey, I’m not in fact a frappucino, I’m a real energy drink!”

A fridge being inhabited by about a dozen cans to date, I wouldn’t say that I’m in a hurry to drink them.  But they are good to have on hand, and I’m certainly glad I got them on sale. 

I prefer my Monster energy drink unshaken, please.


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