Haiku Pt 2

I’ve done some research and found a good website for learning how to write haikus.  There are several techniques in how to write them.  Consider me an intrigued and humbled beginner.  I had no idea there were so many ways!  (Or maybe I just can’t recall any of this besides the 5-7-5 from one of my highschool English classes)  I think I may try and write one using each technique.  This website has a woman named Jane who explains it very well.  She took care to research haikus for herself.  I think I owe it to her to try one.  😀

First technique:

The Technique of Comparison – In the words of Betty Drevniok: “In haiku the SOMETHING and the SOMETHING ELSE are set down together in clearly stated images. Together they complete and fulfill each other as ONE PARTICULAR EVENT.” She rather leaves the reader to understand that the idea of comparison is showing how two different things are similar or share similar aspects.

Here we go:

Oven breaks
Car without its tires
sitting still

Yay me!!!

Second technique:

The Technique of Contrast

Loud excited fans
home team lost championship
silent locker room

Okay okay, I think I’m on a roll.  I might as well quit while I’m ahead.  I think I’m getting back into writing poetry though.  Hmm…


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