Brain Candy

Since my oven is still broken, I’ve been on a hiatus.  My fridge is no longer filled with sticks of butter, cookie dough, or cake pops.  My waking thoughts are no longer filled with recipes that I am going to try.  My free time is dedicated to things of less importance.  While I wait for the oven to be fixed, I might as well enjoy my break. 🙂

Don’t get me wrong, this is pure torture.  Baking to me is like the gym to by husband.  We are thrown off courses if we don’t fit these activities into our daily schedules.  So you can imagine how I must feel.  I wasn’t able to bake cookies for my neighbors for Christmas.  I wasn’t able to try out a champagne frosted cupcake recipe for the new year.  And I’m not able to fatten up my husband’s co-workers at this weekend’s going-away party with cake pops.  This makes for a very sad and lost woman.

I will say that I am able to survive this baking break.  I will be ok.  I will survive (queue the music).  Hee hee hee…

So what have I been doing with my spare time?  Well, I’ve managed to clean off my desk since the fall semester is over.  This has been one of my goals as I watched papers and magazines and various toys accumulate on top of each other as if they were tackling the once open space.  During school, it was very hard to keep up!  Another of my goals was to organize my coupon binder.  Check that box too.  I was quite pleased so I moved on to other tasks that I created for myself: prep old papers and bills for shredding (shred if time allows), laundry, and continue to slim down on our precious things.  I call them precious because I could honestly keep everything in this house.  But, for my husband’s sanity I have agreed to let go and practice the “less is more” theory.  Who really needs to keep every single baby outfit ever worn by our dear daughters?  Or old frames with no pictures in them?  Exactly.

I’ve washed my hands of those tedious and not-so-fun tasks.  Time for some fun.  I recently discovered how awesome it is to have a Netflix account.  I’ve also discovered how convenient it is to have episodes upon episodes of a certain show and a Netflix account.  I’m specifically talking about “One Tree Hill,” my new brain candy.  I usually just put one DVD in the queue, which means 4 episodes per sitting (I finish them all so I can send the disc back asap).  Yesterday though, I thought “Why not try to watch episodes on the computer?”  I am not ashamed to admit that I neglected my two youngest for about a dozen episodes back to back.  No need to call child services or anything crazy.  They were fed, diapers were changed, potty was used, fun was had.  But it wasn’t my normal routine.  I let them BOTH eat oreos on my floor.  I let them eat their corn dogs in the living room…without a highchair or paper towels.  It wasn’t true neglect, but if you know me, you’d know that high chairs are a necessity, nobody eats in the living room, and messes are wiped up a fraction of a second after they happen.  (usually) 

Needless to say, I succumbed to Gavin Degraw’s song “I Don’t Wanna Be” opening each episode.  I acted like an addict.  I can’t even believe I sat on the couch for that long, watching episode after episode on my laptop.  Ridiculous.  Embarassing.  Netflix got me.

The oven NEEDS to be fixed. 

I don’t know how much more I can put up with this.  My brain candy is inevitably going to run out.  I’m on Season 4 out of 8 altogether and I’m going to eventually arrive at the end of my supply.


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