Baking Cookies for a Crowd?

It’s very time consuming and tedious to make cookies, especially for a crowd.  So I’ve come up with several tips for baking several batches with less hassle.  It’s useful for a one-woman assembly line and works beautifully.  🙂

Essentials for baking cookies – wax paper (lots), baking sheets, cooling racks, cookie cutters

Make ahead of time – try and make your cookie dough and frosting ahead of time.  I’d suggest no more than a few days in advance, (though I have frozen my frosting in my deep freeze for a couple weeks).  This saves so much time, because crunch time will only consist of rolling it out and cutting it, or even less steps if you’re doing drop cookies.

To go further into making ahead of time… if you are doing cookie cut-outs, try and roll out the cookie dough between two pieces of wax paper a night or two before you need to make them.  Then, put all of your rolled dough (still sandwiched in between the wax paper) onto a 13×9 pan so that you can seal it and store it in your refrigerator.  Easy!

Hope these tips help you enjoy baking cookies!


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