Product Review: Huggies Slip-Ons

At Walgreens the other day, I bought a pack of Huggies Slip-on diapers for my nearly 8-month-old.  It’s supposed to be easier than wrestling with her to put on a regular diaper.

You know what is easy?  Cleaning up the play room.  Dicing red onions.  Washing and folding loads of laundry.  Definitely not these.

These diapers push diaper changes into the slow lane.  From one who can change a diaper in the blink of the TV changing channels, it really slows me down.  It’s such a daunting task when she is screaming at me first thing in the morning and I’m frustrated with trying to put a diaper on her butt.  Sure, the tabs on each side are velcroed on and can easily detach and be re-attached.  But that would defeat the purpose of buying these.

The one bonus to these new diapers is that I can let her sleep in just a shirt and not worry that she will rip her diaper off.  She’s been known to make such a mess if I don’t put bottoms on her.

I don’t completely hate these diapers.  I love Huggies products.  Though I am willing to bet that I am not the only one who says that the idea of these diapers is better than the actual product.  It’s like putting a swimmie on your baby at every diaper change!  Not fun.  Not easy. 


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