Pork Butt In the Oven at 6AM

I woke up late today. 6:00!!! (That darn semicolon will take some getting used to)  I meant to wake up at 5 so I would have more time to myself.  But look, it’s 7:43 and my girls are still asleep.

Anyway, I had this boneless pork butt marinating in a rub that I made since last night.  I had to get up and put the darn thing in the oven if I wanted to have dinner made.  It takes 6 hours to bake in the oven.  The end result is so worth the wait.  I took this to a BBQ a few weeks ago and it was definitely a hit with the guys.  I myself thought that it was a bit spicy.  Probably because I couldn’t find the normal paprika so I used Hungarian Spicy Paprika. 0-O

Here is the recipe I used from Tyler Florence:  Oven-Roasted Pulled Pork

Now I’ve just been messing around on the computer.  I cleaned out my Inbox.  Phew!  And I will wait……… as my mouth waters……


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