Cupcake In A Jar

I saw this idea on a couple of websites about baking a cake in a jar. I happened to have a few baby food jars that I saved and now I’m experienting.
Cupcake In A Jar!
I’m a little nervous because I don’t think I portioned the batter and water properly but it is baking as I type. I used a strawberry batter (Duncan Hines). It helps that I happen to have a stockpile of cake mixes in my pantry to experiment on.
So it is sitting in the oven. One tiny jar with strawberry cake batter turning into a cupcake at 350 degrees. Fingers crossed that I don’t break the jar and that this cake turns out moist like expected.
To be continued….
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The first one didn’t turn out good.  It wasn’t even edible.  I didn’t bother trying again, since I only did it because I was already in the kitchen working on a higher priority cake.  The batter at the bottom was still batter when I pulled it out.  It did rise.  Maybe next time.

I need to work on the science of cupcake in a jar.


2 thoughts on “Cupcake In A Jar

  1. Hey there's an idea! Place a cute jar lid adorned with ribbon on top and that is a pretty cute gift! I wouldn't really recommend baking in a jar. For me, it was more of an experiment.


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