I Love Barbeque Parties

My husband told me today that we are on for a barbeque next weekend which I’m totally excited.  I absolutely love barbeques and I love cooking and baking for them.  

Though it is probably unconventional, I plan on baking my own birthday cake.  It’s going to be a rainbow cake on the inside!  I’ve got my recipe, and I cannot wait to try it out and write about what I thought of it.  That makes you guys all the wiser right?  I’m okay with being the guinea pig as long as someone benefits from it.  😛

My mind has been spinning with ideas, and for lack of ideas in some areas, for dishes and appetizers.  I’ve thought of pasta (so many variations!), baked beans, deviled eggs… am I missing anything?  I also want to make FRESH salsa, which I know will only appeal to the adults but that’s alright.  I even have this recipe for a neat jell-o shot with a cherry in the middle.  Am I brave enough to try it?  We will see I suppose!


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