The Skinny Dip, VA Beach

During one of my trips to Virginia, my friend and I discovered “The Skinny Dip”, a frozen yogurt bar.  Whoever came up with the idea of a fro-yo bar is a genious.  I am a HUGE fan of frozen yogurt and I was really bummed to be unable to find a TCBY anywhere.  (White Chocolate Mousse, yes please!)  TCBY is so yesterday.  Let me tell you why:
You have different flavor options each day.  You pay by the ounce. And there is more than enough toppings to add to your frozen yogurt, from the toppings bar.  Oh my goodness, a frozen yogurt lover’s personal heaven.  If there was one nearby, I would have no shame in eating there for breakfast. 
TCBY is a place of the past for me.  It’s so much cheaper to go here and get your frozen yogurt fix.  It’s amazing, just amazing.  If you’re ever in the Hampton Roads area, be sure to check out “The Skinny Dip”.  You’re life will be changed forever.

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